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About The B Hive
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British Motor Trade Association Member

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Gordon Strickland
Gordon served his apprenticeship at the District Motor Company in Garston, a suburb of Liverpool England, during which time he attended Riversdale technical school gaining his City and Guilds certificate. On completion of his apprenticeship he served in the Royal Engineers Regiment of the British army.
On completion of his two year National service he returned to the District Motor Company. After a number of years he moved on to work for Huyton Motors, a BMC dealer. After a while he decided he would like to work in the USA and contacted a recruiting agency and, as a result, he was offered a job at Bergen Motors, a Triumph dealer, in Greenville South Carolina. So in 1967 he left England and arrived in New York on the Queen Mary.
During his time with Bergen Motors he read an advertisement for a Morris Mini for sale in Clemson, about 35 miles from Greenville, so one day after work he drove over to Clemson to have a look at it. The guy selling the Mini also ran a foreign car repair shop called Europair Imports. After finding out that Gordon was a Mechanic he offered Gordon a job which, after some thought, he accepted. Eventually the day came when he had the opportunity to take over the shop as the owner decided to move on. So in 1971 Gordon became sole proprietor and sole worker of Europair.
In those days, it was not easy to get parts for the British cars he was working on, so he decided he would start stocking some of the more normal parts like filters, spark plugs etc. Word soon spread that Europair had parts in stock. Customers started to ask for things he didn't stock, and, as a result, he opened a parts store called Foreign Car Parts, stocking parts for Japanese and other European cars as well as specializing in British cars. In 1980 The B Hive, specializing in the MGB, was opened as a separate business and has continued to grow ever since. In 1997 is was decided to combine both businesses. So, as of 01/01/98, The B Hive became a part of Foreign Car Parts of Clemson Ltd which is incorporated in the state of South Carolina. In 2000 it was decided to discontinue selling parts for other foreign cars and concentrate on parts for the MGB and Midget.
As well as an extensive range of MGB parts, the B Hive has a growing number of MG Midget parts.

The B Hive has a commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction, as Gordon has always said "customer satisfaction is our number one goal".

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